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The First Independent Secondary Grammar School

"Our school is the school of opportunities."

1sg is a modern alternative school which offers secondary general education and prepares students for further university studies. There is a Junior school section for students age 10 to 14 and Senior school section for students age 14 to 18. It offers final state examination and the General Certificate of Secondary Education which is required by all universities in our country.

To educate for life is the main aim of our teachers and all our efforts are focused on reaching this important goal. The teaching staff and the entire personnel of the school are aware of this important mission.

We know that we have to teach for the future since a new life in the European Union will require new competencies and skills from our students.

Therefore we: By focusing on the development of wide range of competencies we are convinced that our students will be able to solve real problems, to work in different career fields, and to adapt quickly to the changing world.

To fulfill these tasks we use these main methods: Motivation of the students is a very demanding everyday task. Knowledge applicable in real life can motivate them to work hard. To create such an atmosphere in the school requires an active approach of all teachers. Our staff room doors are open and teachers welcome the students all day long. This way our school becomes a safe and pleasant place to spend their time.

A positive atmosphere of partnership between the students and teachers, mutual respect and sense of humor bring much joy and a feeling of the work well-done.

Project Education

This specific way of teaching and learning was introduced in our school in 1992. Since then we have gone a long way towards the development and adaptation of this system to our curriculum. Now it is an inseparable part of our school life.

Projects at junior level are a sort of drama performance, where students put their knowledge into a drama script and perform it for their parents, school-mates and other guests. It is a process of integrating different subjects like mathematics,literature, natural science, art, history and geography into one complex performance. Children like this way of learning as it brings them the feeling of competence - they are those who teach others and they always have a lot of fun.

Senior level projects try to integrate different subjects on higher academic level. They should be the experts who solve some problems or try to consider different aspects of the certain issue. This work has two phases: the first is the phase of preparation (theme choice, topic, problem, organizing a team, sources of information). During the preparation phase their task is to study the topic, to meet some experts in that particular field and discuss the problem with them, so they can see and experience the application of theory in practice. They have their main teacher consultant who coordinates their work and helps them find the most suitable way of dealing with the problem.

During the second phase students have to prepare their presentation in front of their class-mates and teachers. They have to choose the most important information and pass on their knowledge of this particular topic. They stand in the teacher's shoes for a while.

After having experienced this form of education in our school for more than ten years, we can see that it brings a lot of benefits to our students: self-confidence, the ability to explain things, the art of presentation, team work, exactness, the ability to choose the basic information and knowledge, to work with information technologies, and to integrate knowledge from different fields. Thus we offer new opportunities to improve and to develop their skills and competencies.

Links outside the school

We have links in many European countries through Virgil Project which joins a group of twelve European countries in cooperation, activities and exchanges. It is also supported by Socrates National Agency.

Alpen Adria college is another European project of cooperation where our school is involved and we hosted the last international meeting in Bratislava.

Many years of cooperation and exchanges we have experienced with our partner school in Kerkrade, The Netherlands.

Great good will exists between our school and the UNICEF organization nurtured through charitable work. Our students were awarded a special diploma for their active participation in many activities.

The future

We are prepared to implement well-considered changes in our school . We constantly seek to provide a better environment for our pupils. Our aim is to prepare our students to take responsibilities of adult life whatever an increasingly complex and uncertain future may bring and in cooperation with the parents and all people involved in education process.

This little brochure can only give an impression of the First Independent Grammar School. You are warmly invited to gain first-hand knowledge by visiting our school on our Open Door Days or read about us on our web-page.

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